Compatibility of PDF Cube

This software is slow without DRI,

You'll need an OpenGL DRI enabled X server.

I've tested this software on a AMD Athlon XP PC with an ATI Radeon 9250 and the GPL driver.

Glenn Greenfield reported PDF Cube is working on his Debian Sid:

  • Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 6200
  • Nvidia driver version: NVIDIA 96.31

Manuel Padrón Martínez reported PDF Cube works on Debian testing on:

  • AMD AMD64 (compiled for 64bit), GForce 6600 GT with nVidia drivers
  • a laptop with ATI Radeon 9200 Mobility and ATI drivers
  • a laptop with Intel i810 and GPL drivers.

It also works on an Apple iBook PPC with Ubuntu Edgy and an ATU Radeon mobility 9200 using this options in the xorg.conf for the radeon module:

  Option "FBTexPercent" "100"
  Option "DepthBits"    "16"

Frank Boehme reported PDF Cube is working on AMD64 with !GeForce6600 and the Nvidia binary driver (he was also kind enough to point me out an unneeded dependency).

Iacopo Masi ( has tested PDF Cube on Ubuntu Edgy. Luis Augusto Perles wrote me to tell that he had successful compiled and run pdfcube with no problems at all on his Gentoo box with: i686-pc-linux-gnu-4.1.1, poppler-0.5.4, gtkglext-1.2.0, glut-3.7.1 (hardware Athlon XP 1.7GHz with an nVidia !GeForce2 MX Integrated Graphics (driver nvidia 1.0-8776))

I'd like to thank all testers and if you test other cards or driver, please let me know!